It all began with a love for cooking...

It's not very often people discover their gift in life and even less often they get to pursue that gift. For Jeff, it took 40 years to discover his gift of cooking and grilling and when he realized his ability, he just had to share it. In 2014, Jeff decided it was time to make a run at his dream of cooking full time, after dabbling in the catering business and doing well, Jeff decided to build and run a food truck full time. October of 2016, Jeff hit the road with his dream and its been an adventure ever since. It's been a long slow road but he has finally set-up his business and is making customers happy with the quality of his food. His philosophy on providing the highest quality, locally grown foods prepared with natural products not only serves his customers with amazing tastes but also helps the local economy. As a business owner, Jeff feels he has responsibility not only to his customers but also to the community.

Smoked to the Bone Business Philosophy;

We are dedicated to providing our customers high quality, locally grown food prepared and served fresh.

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